Meet Bâm, a Dark Cool and Stylish girl…

DSC_0357 DSC_0370


IMG_20151012_1 (1)


Nick name: Bâm ( She told me that it is the name her parents call her since she were small. Unlike other people who hate their childhood nick name, she really enjoy it and want people to call her by that name. As a result, her mom and dad still call her Bâm now.)

Where she was born: Hanoi, Vietnam

Age: 14+6 (Again, a 14 year olds soul who trapped in an old lady body, like me lol)

Occupation: Freelance make-up artist, stylist and college student at Văn Hóa University in Hanoi

Style: unisex, black and pink/red, tartan, she wear various styles from an unisex cool girl to a cute ferminine girl

Music taste: Rap, Metal Core, Gothic metal

Brand she is wearing: most of them are resale items or things she bought from

Hairstyle: Short Black Bob

Hobbies: make-up, being a stylist for other people and of course: eating, pooping and sleeping


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