Japan Contemporary Art – Hallucinatory World

*Every graphic designs in the photoshoot are designed by me so please don’t talk shit like she stole stuffs on internet. They are all my hardwork, I will be thankful if you respect that.

*All of the Artwork Photoshoots in here are done by our team. So please respect us and credit our name or asking for our permission if you want to bring these image outside this page. Thank you very much for reading this message.


Fashion and digital print/ graphic designer: Ruki Ryusaki aka me
Photographer: Lê Xuân Tiến aka Melted World (you can contact him through his fb acc or page: Melted world)
Model: Phạm Hổ
Make up artist and stylist: Linh Ngọc (she is a stylist and make up artist, you can contact her through her facebook)
Retouchers: Me and Lê Xuân Tiến


123 (2)4 (2)56 (2)78 (2)910


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