Depress-kun and Happy-kun is a streetwear collection about the story of a Depressed boy found Happiness. In my mind, hanging rope, drugs, haunted eyes, dysfunctional brain and butterflies in the stomach are used to represent a mess of negative thoughts. And the colors red, black and purple are the color of depression. While happiness is a fun worlds filled with Alpaca angels, rainbows, candies, glitters in pastel pantone. They are all represent the positive feeling, love, friendship, nice, gentle and warm which are main elements of happiness Incorporating unisex, oversize and skinny silhouette with Imaginative colorful digital illustration, exciting embellishments such as pom poms, glitters, sparkling beads and colorful buttons with cool techniques like heat transfer printing, embroidery, cording, beading and applique. Depress-kun and Happy-kun is the perfect collection for young women (or men) who want to dress outside of the box.

Chapter 1: Depress-kun: The most depress stage of the protagonist with most disturbed and negative things such as dysfunctional brain, depressed jail, disturbed scribbles, Depress boss fight, butterflies in the stomach, haunting depressed eyes with cockroaches legs as eyelashes, piercings, messy hair, red dots.

Chapter 2: Hope in you: You are negative but a little bit of positive is still in you. This is the Hope that you may have a chance to overcome all these negative thought, finding enjoyment in life and find the road to depression recovery. There are a lot of depressed dummies but only one can trully find hope and want to change. The red dots and the red crosses that pierced into the body represent the hurtful experiences that made the main character drowned himself in negative and found it hard to escape. The fact that he found a little bit of hope in himself (symbols: hope heart in the chest, rainbow in 1/4 of the dummy face) means he can overcome all the bad feeling and find happiness.

Chapter 3: 50/50: Strugling between depress and positive feeling, which side do you choose ? This is fun because it sound like listening to BTS music and strugling between high and low. Do you know that my favourite song of BTS is butterfly ?

Chapter 4: Almost there: In this stage, the main protagonist became more Positive than before but some of negative thought is still in him but it’s about faded away. If you think black is the color of negative then grey mean the negative is fading away. That’s why we have the gray sleeves. Positive symbols: pom poms, rainbow, stars, moon, pastel, cute apantone, lpacas, spackle beads, cute things, pink.

Chapter 5: Welcome to alpacas happy land (aka Happy ending or Happy-kun): In my mind the land of Happines is a place full of cute Alpacas angels, rainbow, bright colors is symbols of Happiness and Positive. The Happiness color is definate;y Pink so i wont miss a chance of putting too much of that bubblegum strawberry milkshake color in the Happy outfit. Do you know why i choose Alpacas as my symbol of Happiness ? Simply because they give you a warm, gentle and nice feeling which is exactly the aura you get when you see Mr visual of BTS Kim Seok Jin, who is also my bias.

Chapter 6: True ending: The concept is like you play as the main protaginist of a video game, you fight Depression boss in the center of your mind using happy gun and your mood status is gaining better through stages of the game which each outfit represent a chapter. During your gameplay, If you complete the game normally through chapter 1 to 5, you will receive the Happy ending.. But if you if you play the game again, you can open the true ending which is the expansion part of the Happy ending which says: “You can always go back to be depressive again if shitty things happened all at once at a certain moments of your life. True ending is basically a stronger version of Happy-kun, he/she may experience being depressed again sometimes already. His/Her positive aura became stronger every times he/she striked back, now he/she has the ability to use anti-depressive laser gun to shoot away all the negative thoughts to maintain the happiness and the enjoyment in life he/she finally found.”

The story is written by a gender-blind author.




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